University of Oklahoma Early Opportunity Deadline: November 1 I Priority Scholarship Deadline: Feb. 1

University of Arkansas Fort Smith deadline: November 15

Northeastern State University Freshmen Scholarship Early Freshmen Deadline: December 1

Honors: February 3 / Leadership: February 3 / Freshman: March 2

University of Science and Arts Academic & Reginal deadline Nov. 1 I PLC deadline Feb. 1

All students newly admitted to USAO are automatically evaluated for scholarship eligibility

The University of Oklahoma priority deadline is December 15

East Central University Foundation Scholarship deadline is February 1

CASC Scholarship for Fall 2019 is now available. Scholars: February 1 | General: March 1st

Connors State College Scholarships deadline is March 1

Paper application 

Northern Oklahoma College Deadline: February 20

Rodgers State College Application for Admission to Rogers State University serves as the application for an academic scholarship.


Local Scholarship Applications will be in Mrs. Garner’s office as they become available.


Cherokee Nation Concurrent (High School Concurrent Students) & Cherokee Nation Undergraduate Scholarships. Deadline: Fall Semester: June 15 Spring Semester: December 28

Cherokee Nation Valedictorian and Salutatorian Scholarships (High School Seniors) Deadline: May 22

Creek Nation Undergraduate Scholarship Deadline: Fall Semester: Feb. 1 - June 1 Spring Semester: Nov. 1 to Dec. 15

Choctaw Nation Higher Education Scholarship Deadline: Fall Semester: October 1 Spring Semester March 1

Concurrent Scholarship Program

580-924-8280 ext. 2239 


Oklahoma Hall of Fame Scholarhsip Deadline: Sept. 6

Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship Deadline: Sept. 30

Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship Deadline: Sept. 30

Shout It Out Scholarship Deadline: Sept. 30


Wendy Heisman Scholarship Deadline: Oct. 17

Horatio Alger Association Deadline: October 25 Scholars Progarm Deadline: October 31

Good360 Sustainability Scholarship Deadline: October 31

Stokes Educational Scholarship Deadline: October 31

October Scholarshops Deadline: October


Pinot’s Palette Scholarship Deadline: November 1

Prudential Spirit Community Award (Scholarship) Deadline: Nov. 6

Click Here for More Information

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition Deadline: November 15

The Hagan Scholarship Foundation Deadline: November 15

Student Photography Scholarships Deadline: November 15

National Space Club Scholarship Deadline: November 30

SimpliSafe STEM Scholarship Deadline: November 30

Sixt Rent a car Scholarship Deadline: Nov. 30


Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers Deadline: December 1

Luigi Wewege Foundation Deadline: December 1

Youth Forward Scholarship Deadline: December 1

Annual CGTrader Scholarship Deadline: December 14

Cherokee Nation Concurrent Scholarships Deadline: December 28 Neighborhood Involvement Scholarship Deadline: December 31

Niche Community College Scholarship Deadline: December 31

Oklahoma Tour Guide Scholarship Deadline: December 31

Top Ten List Scholarship Deadline: December 31

The UNIGO $10K ScholarshipDeadline: December 31

ZipRecruiter Scholarship Deadline: December 31

Future of Assisted Living Scholarship Deadline: December 31

Fire Foundation Speech Contest Scholarship Deadline: December 31


Ronald Reagan Foundation Scholarship Deadline: January 3

Oklahoma JCI Senate Club Scholarship Deadline: January 11

Sutton Art Scholarship Award Deadline: January 10

Cherokee Nation Foundation (Applications open Nov. 1) Deadline: January 31 (Cherokee Nation student need to fill out this application. If you qualify for any of these scholarships then you will be notified by the foundation to fill out additional applications.)

Imagine America Foundation (Scholarships for Trade Schools in Oklahoma) Deadline: January–December 31


Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Deadline February 1

OGE Energy Corp. Foundation Scholarship Deadline February 1


Oklahoma Hall of Fame Scholarship Deadline March 13

Work Ethic Scholarship Program for Career Tech Students Deadline March 28


Carr & Carr Scholarship Program Deadline June 1

Cherokee Nation Undergraduate Scholarships and Current Scholarship Deadline: June 15


RaiseMe Deadeline: Various

Native American Resources Deadline: Various

Varsity Tutors Scholarship Deadline:Monthly

American Indian College Fund Deadline: Various

American Indian Science and Engineering Society Deadline: Various

Oklahoma City Community Foundation Deadline: Various

Tuck Sleep Scholarship Deadline: Various Deadline: Various

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Scholarship Search Engines

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(You can search for scholarships on this website by scholarship deadlines or by category) (ACT Student Champion Scholarship)