Today, Monday, March 23, 2020, we begin providing grab and go lunches at the school cafeteria. We are also providing the same meals for students on the bus routes. Each child will receive a breakfast and a lunch for each day. Please contact the school immediately, 918-464-2334 if you would like these meals for your children.  We may also serve the younger siblings therefore you will need to let us know if you need extra meals for your children.

If you choose to pick-up, please have at least one child in the car with you as you get the meals. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. You will drive in front of the cafeteria and a staff member will give you the meals. You will need to give the name of the students or children needing meals.

If you live on the bus route and need the meals delivered to you, we will have staff member deliver you. They will drive up and honk. Someone from your home will need to come to the truck, suburban, or bus to receive the meals. Times for delivery is from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. We do not know the exact time that we will arrive at your home.

We have learned that we can make one delivery of all the week’s breakfast and lunch in one day.  Therefore our schedule will be:

March 23-Monday                           Pick up or route delivery               1 breakfast/1 lunch per child

March 24-Tuesday                         Pick up or route delivery                               1 breakfast/1 lunch per child

March 25-Wednesday                    Pick up or route delivery               3 breakfasts/3 lunches per child

March 30-Monday                           Pick up or route delivery               5 breakfast/5 lunches per child

The meals for the week of April 6th and the weeks thereafter will be decided upon the state of the COVID-19 epidemic at that time.  We will keep you posted