Thank You to All of You!

This is the best way I can think of to be able to connect with all of you who have been so faithful to me for so many years. Nothing this last year turned out to be anything that I could have ever imagined. I had always made 2022 my target for retirement, but not the way I had to finish. So many of you have prayed for me through these last six months. I can never say thank you enough! It has been your prayers that have kept me going. I am doing very well. My doctor has said he feels my cancer is going into remission. My blood cell numbers are not yet consistent, but I feel very well and am doing a lot of what I used to do, just not as much and as long. 

I want all  of you to know that I was very blessed to have been part of the Webbers Falls School and community for the years I spent with you. I can’t put into words how proud I am of my kids and their accomplishments. I have become close to many of my families, and I will miss seeing you so much in the future. Just remember you mean more to me than you realize, and I will try to make every graduation I can to cheer my kids on!

God bless you all, and I will think of you every once in a while, and smile!

Yours always,

Mrs. Rose Olson