New Rule
The OSSAA has enacted a new rule (Suspension from Athletic Activities for Unsporting Behavior Rule) in efforts to improve sportsmanship at HS & MS athletic events.  

Any “egregious” unsportsmanlike behavior by Coaches, Players, or Fans two or more times in the same season / same sport will cause the SUSPENSION of the Team and/or Individual from the rest of the season. 

The OSSAA cited some the following examples of “egregious” unsportsmanlike behavior:
- Fans constantly verbally attacking officials. 
- Fans physically attacking officials. 
- Fans attacking other fans at athletic events. 

- Coaches physically attacking or verbally berating officials. 
- Players getting into fights with other players while shaking hands at the end of contests. 
- Student sections verbally chanting inappropriate or demeaning chants at individuals, teams, or officials.