Jonathan Wood The Raptor Project

Webbers Falls School is extremely excited to announce that Jonathan Woods and his Raptor Project will be at our school for two events on January 31, 2023.  The first show will be for students only, at 1 PM, in our Gymnasium, and the second show will be that evening at 7:30 and is free of charge and open to the public.   The Raptor Project brings an outstanding array of eagles, hawks, falcons and owls and has won the rapt attention and hearts of enthralled audiences throughout the nation. Jonathan Wood, master falconer and wildlife rehabilitator, has assembled a collection of feathered predators that is unrivalled in scope and size. Jonathan operates from two home bases in New York’s Catskill Mountains and the Texas Gulf coast. Jonathan and his Raptor Project, tour constantly along with his wife Susan and daughter Rachel, in a large RV that serves as home, office and traveling bird exhibit.

The real stars of the show are the birds themselves, charismatic creatures with saber curved beaks and talons that command respect and rivet attention. Although many of the flock have permanent handicaps barring their re-entry into the wild, these flaws are hard to detect. Some of the birds indeed faced euthanization at crowded wildlife centers across the country and have now been tamed and trained as charming ambassadors of their species and the environments they inhabit.   You can learn more about Jonathan by visiting his Facebook Page     or his website  

Please make plans to join us January 31, 2023 at 7:30 pm for a wonderful night of excitement and adventure. This is FREE of charge to the Public.  This event will coincide with the scheduled School Obligation Bond Meeting that will occur at 7 PM before this event.